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Jeddah Islamic Port is Saudi Arabia

Saudi Mawani: launches “Truck Management System” at Jeddah Islamic Port

The Saudi Electronic Information Exchange Company, “Tabadul”, in cooperation with the General Authority for Ports, “Mawani“, launched the “Truck Management System” project in its first phase in Jeddah Islamic Port as an optional measure.

The project allows importers and customs brokers to book an appointment in advance through the “Fasah” platform, in a step aimed at raising the efficiency of operating the port, and in line with the preventive measures taken by the Kingdom to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

The “Truck Management System” works on organizing and managing the capacity in the various outlets, by applying modern and advanced techniques to book appointments in advance, in addition to tracking and managing the movement of the truck fleet and organizing the work of drivers, as well as working to connect all relevant government agencies electronically, which cooperate with each other in the operation and administration of this system.

The system will enable exporters and importers to book pre-appointments through the “Fasah” platform, the unified window for import and export operations in the Kingdom, in order to pre-coordinate the transit of trucks at Jeddah Islamic Port, regulate the movement of these trucks, reduce congestion on roads leading to the port, and speed up customs clearance procedures.
As well as reducing pooling and waiting at the ports, which contributes to smoother truck flow and increase work efficiency.