What We Do

The scope of work of the Middle East and North Africa Maritime Development Programme includes A variety of services, projects, and activities that are carried out in the countries covered by the programme.

Consulting – Training and Workshops – Recommendations – Legal Evaluation – Awareness Campaigns


The MENA Marine Development Program is a leading regional provider of compliance and consulting services to the marine and offshore industries, helping our clients design, build and operate their assets and services with the highest levels of safety and performance.

Studies and Research:

We are working to provide the Arab region with maritime research and studies to help decision-makers in the ministries of transport, maritime administrations, companies operating in the Arab countries, and the relevant authorities to build modern marine systems and strategies that help the advancement of this industry.

We also provide studies and research services on specific topics as requested by organizations and companies that wish to invest in the maritime sector in the Middle East and North Africa.

Training and Workshops:

MENA Marine Development Programme works on designing and proposing marine training courses for various workers in the maritime industry in the Arab region according to the needs of each country and each administration.

We provide internationally recognized training through a partnership with international marine institutes and institutions to develop and provide professional training for this vital sector.

We are working to increase investment in enhanced marine content and learning resources to improve your experience and ensure the maximum reward for the investment you make in your future.

We aim to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, enhance your business potential, or expand your knowledge, as well as support the marine industry to be safer, cleaner, and more efficient for decades to come.

We work to train workers in Arab ports and those involved in maritime affairs in companies, institutions, and ministries in order to develop the capabilities and skills of individuals in the maritime sector. We also contribute to conferences and workshops in the field of maritime transport.

Awareness Campaigns:

We launch awareness and educational campaigns on a permanent basis to enrich knowledge and build capacity in the field of organizing, developing, and managing maritime operations, in accordance with the highest standards of maritime safety, safe navigation, and operational efficiency.

In order to enhance the confidence of international maritime institutions in the ports of the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, many of whose ports today are among the most prominent shipping centers in the world and a link between the East and the West.